To be a real pirate involves not just being financially private but also being self dependant in all factors of your life. You never want to depend on a tyrant for anything when you could do it yourself. Knowledge is a real pirates currency, and the market of knowledge can allow the world to prosper.
~ Fleet Commander, Legend LooTz

~ Fleet Commander, Legend LooTz

Agriculture Research
One of the best ways to cause disruption is to grow your own food, among other things like procreating your own anti-biotics and fermented food skills for the long voyages.
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Health Hacks Research
Here you can possibly learn through researching the many topics that this establishment does not want your to know about.
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Religion Research
Religions / Cults
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Politic Research
Politics and Law Research
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Upcoming Events

February 6-10th

February 6-10th
The Free Event That Educates People To Empower Themselves


Why We Need This Event

The Crisis Event is here to allow people to learn from each other, share their powers with others so they can empower themselves. It is time to rise as this closed box of a world gets smaller and smaller with you in it. As he assembles and army of knowledgeable educators that want to empower you. The Crisis event will happen regularly as it grows with the same and news speakers who want to empower their fellow man and not sell you tickets to line their pockets.

LooTz takes back his power and explains why he is going the route of his own making. Why we need people to learn how to empower themselves in this critical time in history.
You Can Listen To The Event Live Rite Here

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